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Welcome to PRTax Live®
PRTax Live® by PRSoft, Inc. is the software trusted by more tax specialists in Puerto Rico since 1994.

This is the same easy-to-use  program that you have been using for years. Easily import your data from any  prior year. If you did, you may import your data from last year's return.

PRTax Live® complies with all Hacienda requirements. Includes Short Form, Long Form, Printing and e-filing*.

It's the easiest and fastest tax program to use. Download now. Don't pay until you are finished with your return.

*Important: PRTax Live® is produced and supported by PRSoft, Inc. E-filing is a free service provided by Hacienda and we cannot be held responsible for this service. PRSoft, Inc. cannot be held responsible for the Internet day-to-day availability and functioning of this service.  
Available Soon
Available Soon

* Adjusted Gross Income of
$50,000 or more: $24.99

E-file free.
Printed forms:
$14.99 Short Form
$24.99 Long Form


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